Forest Energy Enacts a New Fire Prevention Plan

August 16, 2013 5:46 pm

Forest Energy takes its own proactive measures to ensure that another fire at the plant doesn’t turn into an inferno.

“Since the unfortunate fire at our pellet plant this past June, we’ve been working in cooperation with the Show Low fire department and city officials to develop a fire prevention plan. We have always been in compliance with all requests from the fire department and fire prevention standards, but unfortunately, it wasn’t’ enough” says Forest Energy Director of Operations, Gary Moore.  As a part of this plan, Forest Energy purchased and placed two 4,500 gallon all terrain water trucks with high pressure water cannons on site. In addition to the water trucks, Forest Energy is also working with local fire officials to place key plant personnel though an intensive industrial firefighter training program, and are also in the process of building two all-weather access roads on the property to provide quicker access for the fire department to the log decks. “Although we are constantly working to eliminate any possible source of ignition, we feel t these proactive measures are necessary due to the length of time it took for fire department personnel to arrive and actively engage the fire. There is always the possibility of a fire and with these new resources available to us, we will now be capable of having an immediate response, giving our staff and the Fire Department a much better chance of quickly controlling and extinguishing any future ignition,” says Moore.   “We are grateful for all those who assisted during the recent fire on our log deck,” says Forest Energy owner, Rob Davis. “This fire was an unfortunate accident which started with one piece of equipment and eventually spread to the logs causing an inferno. We have taken immediate steps to keep any potential fire under control until the fire department can arrive to assist in preventing another large fire and potentially shutting down the highways.”

Forest Energy Corporation has been providing a beneficial use for biomass materials for more than 20 years  by supplying efficient renewable fuels to heat over 30,000 homes in the Southwest.  .  “We’ve been a part of the White Mountain community since 1991 and take pride in the contribution we’ve made to the area,  to the restoration of the surrounding forests and fire hazard mitigation for White Mountain communities,” says Davis.

In 2004, Forest Energy partnered with WB Contracting to establish Future Forest, a company charged with the management of the White Mountain Stewardship Contract (WMSC). Since its inception, the WMSC has reduced tree density to a more natural level within over 60,000 acres of ponderosa pine forests in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest, protecting communities from the threat of wildfires and developing new markets for wood residue to improve the local economies in northeastern Arizona.  Many towns in the White Mountains were saved from the Wallow Fire due to the thinning work accomplished by the White Mountain Stewardship Contract and Future Forest.

Forest Energy Corporation’s Show Low plant manufactures wood pellets, densified wood logs, horse and small animal bedding, among other products. For more information on Forest Energy Corporation, visit


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