Keeping You and Your Pellet Stove Happy

January 20, 2016 2:34 pm

wood_pellet_stoveEach wood pellet stove is slightly different. For best performance, it’s always best to first check the manufacturer’s manual. In your manual, you will find instructions for cleaning as well as a recommended maintenance schedule throughout the heating season that will help ensure your stove is working at its peak efficiency.

Below are a few basic cleaning tips:

  • Empty ash drawer once a week*, it may be more or less frequently depending on the temperature, how you use your stove, pellet specie, etc. But watch it and make sure it isn’t full.
  • Look for “clinkers” that form when ash melts and hardens. Clinkers can impede air flow and upset the proper mixture of fuel and oxygen to the burn pot. Remove them with a special rake or ash tool made for this purpose.
  • Look for a build-up of soot on the inside surfaces of the stove. (As little as 1/10 inch of soot can drop the heat transfer by 50 percent.) Clean the soot off with a wire brush, but do not use the brush on the glass doors.
  • Clean the glass so you can tell whether the fuel is burning efficiently. Turn off the stove, wait for it to cool, about 20 minutes, and then use paper towels and a commercial glass cleaner made for heated glass to clean both the inside and outside surfaces.
  • Burn Premium Wood Pellets from a manufacturer displaying the QM of Pellet Fuels Institute graded fuel.

*Emptying out the ash drawer and cleaning and inspecting fire chamber . Depending on your stove, pellets, use and preference you may clean and inspect more or less frequently.

Remember as in any equipment, a clean, well maintained appliance will provide you the best results.

More than 50% of all pellets produced nationwide are now from manufacturers that are subject to the PFI standards program, which requires initial approval and constant verification from a third party agency.. assuring that the claim of Premium will be consistently in compliance with the “Premium” grade Forest Energy is the ONLY manufacturer in Southwest that has been Qualified under the PFI QM program which is now required by EPA for use in all new stoves . Check our dealer list for a pellet retailer nearest you.

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