Good for the Forests. Good for the Earth. Good for Us.

Lately, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in forest wildfires due to drought and dense forest landscapes. Past management methods were not the most beneficial for forest health, primarily influenced by industry needs and fire suppression. As a result, our forests became unhealthy, unsafe and prone to catastrophic fires.

But now, forests are now undergoing a major change in maintenance. This shift focuses on the ecosystems, with hopes of utilizing sustainable residues from these forest management projects in the most prudent manner. Our collaborative vision of safe, healthy forests provides land managers with education to better manage the woodlands for many purposes, from forest resiliency, wildlife, recreation, and water to forest products and renewable energy. This vision also reintroduces fire as a natural part of the ecosystem, and results in significant volumes of residues that must be removed from the forests on a continuous basis.