TerrAmigo Horse and Small Animal Bedding Products

Forest Energy wood pellets go beyond heating your home. TerrAmigo Animal Bedding is made from pure Ponderosa Pine biomass that is refined, densified and crumbled into beddings. There are no residues in our animal bedding that contain chemicals or contaminants.

Lower Cost Than Shavings

TerrAmigo absorbs moisture and odors better than other bedding options, resulting in less initial volume and less replacement. So you reduce your total bedding costs, as well as the amount of storage you need and the handling of your bedding. Plus, you’ll enjoy lowered costs associated with hauling extracted waste away—between 35%-50% versus shavings!

Less Labor for Stall Maintenance

With TerrAmigo, stall maintenance is reduced by five to ten minutes per stall daily. Multiply the number of stalls times five minutes, then by the number of days per year that stalls are cleaned, and you have a significant savings on labor and associated costs.

Time Savings Per Year (12′x 12′ stall cleaned 365 days):

  • One Horse – Over 30 labor hours saved per year
  • Ten Horses – Over 304 labor hours saved per year
  • Fifty Horses – Over 1,520 labor hours saved per year
  • One Hundred Horses – Over 3,041 labor hours saved per year
  • Two Hundred Horses – Over 6,083 labor hours saved per year

The stable owner who pays for stall maintenance can reduce labor expenses and/or have their stall managers performing other valuable services. And for the pleasure horse owner, TerrAmigo allows them more time in the saddle versus cleaning stalls.

Better Wellness for Horse, Family & Our Environment
TerrAmigo has substantially less dust than other bedding options, providing a cleaner, healthier area for both horse and family. Because TerrAmigo absorbs moisture and odors better than other bedding options, it reduces the amount of fly prevention, as well as improves respiratory wellness by eliminating ammonia odors in with “wet” shavings.

TerrAmigo bedding is essentially sterilized, so the wood is free of resins and oils, benefiting horses sensitive or allergic to shavings. In addition, our bedding is all-natural, made from clean Ponderosa Pine (not pallets or waste from furniture factories), so they’re more resilient to forest fires.

Use for TerrAmigo Animal Bedding

There are three great ways to use TerrAmigo Natural Bedding:

TerrAmigo Direct - Low maintenance and easy application
Apply 8 to 10 bags directly to stall

TerrAmigo Light - Slightly softer stall while still offering excellent performance
Apply 5 to 7 bags to stall. Lightly spray with water

TerrAmigo Softened - Activate TerrAmigo into little “pillows” for exceptionally soft bedding. Mix 2 to 4 bags of TerrAmigo Natural Bedding with one-third water and apply to stall

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Noah’s Choice® Premium Horse and Animal Bedding

The advantages of densified and crumbled wood pellets over shavings and sawdust are:

  • Green shavings and sawdust contain up to 70% water. Our crumbled pellets contain less that 10% water.
  • Crumbling the pellets “quick starts” the absorbing and deodorizing process resulting in cleaner and drier stalls – which improves health and well being.
  • Solid waste is easily picked out and removed.
  • Less bedding is needed.
  • There is less total material to dispose of.
  • Time labor and material costs are cut dramatically.


These qualities, along with their pleasantly fresh aroma, make them the ideal beddings for owners, breeders, and boarders of animals. They also address our purpose to be partners in raising healthy and happy animals, and our guarantee that you won’t find a better bedding. Depending on stall size, 3 to 4 bags of crumbled pellets per stall will normally last up to one month. A weekly addition of one bag will prolong and extend the need for stripping the stall.