Wax Fire Starters

Forest Energy Fire Starter Cubes

Our Fire Starter Cubes are made of residual sawdust and candle wax and provide an easy solution to lighting your fires. No more kindling to chopped wood. Simply light the cube, place it under your wood or ONE of our TerrAmigo or Heatr’s wood fire logs and relax – you won’t be tending to your fire every few minutes.

Forest Energy Gelled Alcohol

This fire starter is specially formulated to start fires fast in the high air turbulence environment of pellet stoves. This type of gel is quite different from other gels on the market. This product is made from pure clean ethanol alcohol and a cellulose-based gelling agent. This gel is the cleanest and hottest burning gel on the market.

    • Helps light pellet stoves, wood stoves, fireplaces and campfires
    • Gelled alcohol
    • Flammable
    • 16 oz.