Wood Fire Logs

Forest Energy Fire Logs are made from 100% recycled wood and biomass residue. These logs offer a highly efficient source of firewood for consumers, and can be used anywhere you would build a typical wood fire—but with much better results.

Forest Energy Wood Fire Logs VS Cord Wood

A densified TerrAmigo wood fire log is really just a large wood pellet that isn’t burned in a pellet stove. A ton of our densified logs weigh less, create less ash, and produce more BTU’s than a fully cured cord of firewood. TerrAmigo wood logs have better combustion and each log lasts longer that a piece of cordwood. Plus, they’re clean and simple to store inside your house.

What’s Good for You:

  • High Heat: With substantially higher BTU value per cubic foot, our fire logs produce more heat, at a lower cost, than cord firewood.
  • Long Burning:
  • Low Ash: Our densified fire logs require less clean up because they create less ash.
  • Better Value:  Our logs are more efficient than cordwood due to their lower moisture content. One ton of densified wood logs contain the heat value of about one and a half cords of wood and they stacks easily in one-third the space.

What’s Good for the Environment:

  • Clean Burning:  Biomass fuel has been proven to provide the cleanest burn of any solid fuel. And clean burning, renewable energy means less carbon and reduced fossil fuel consumption.
  • Helping the Ecosystems:  Forest Energy logs are primarily made from residues of forest restoration projects. These thinning ventures are part of a sustainable, forest management plan to create healthy, resilient and safe forests, resulting in improved watersheds and wildlife habitats.

 Using TerrAmigo Fire Logs

TerrAmigo Fire Logs can be used anywhere regular cordwood is used, like campfires, wood stoves, fireplaces and backyard chimenias. Because of the high combustion and BTU’s, use only one or two logs at a time!

Each package comes with our Wax Fire Starter cubes. Simply light the cube, place it under one or two logs and relax – you won’t be tending to your fire every few minutes.

High Energy® Quick Fire Logs

p_quickfire_webHere’s Why you should choose High Energy® Quick Fire Campfire Logs:

  • The pucks along with a wax-coated insert are arranged in a manner that once the box is opened, (using easy-pull tab,) the package can easily be lit using a match or lighter.
  • The product is compact, portable and convenient and contains all that is needed to successfully generate a fire in outdoor applications, such as, fire pits, campfires and patio fireplaces, as well as indoor fireplaces and wood stoves.
  • 100% Natural. Contains compressed wood fuel – no additives of any kind.
  • Safe for outdoor cooking.
  • Over 60 minutes of burn time.
  • Great for camping, picnicking, marshmallowing, hot-dogging, boating, hiking, RV’ing, snowmobiling, etc.

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